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Presentation Skills



Presentations in the workplace are a regular occurrence.  The ability to present ideas in a clear, confident, and credible manner makes a huge difference in the growth of a business career.  

For many, the idea of delivering a presentation brings thoughts of fear and anxiety.  In fact, according to the National Institute of Mental Health, public speaking anxiety, also known as glossophobia, affects about 73% of the population.  That's a large percentage of people!  Fortunately, there is no need to allow this fear to hold you back. M & M Peak Consulting can be of help in reducing and overcoming the fear of public speaking. 

Our Presentation Skills Fundamentals workshop teaches a series of tips and tricks emphasizing practical techniques to incorporate before and during a presentation in order to maximize its effectiveness.  Learn how to structure content, calm pre-presentation nerves, practice proper body language, write effective openers, and close on a memorable, strong note. 


“Be the presenter you would want to listen to.”

Cath Daley


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