Michael is a terrific trainer that exemplified the appreciative inquiry methodology. He was diligent, thorough and engaging with a wide variety of students. Everyone who had the good fortune to work with Michael met and exceeded the expectations of the class .”

Eric, Colorado Springs

Michael exemplifies key attributes of an advanced training and education professional: passion, enthusiasm, dedication to excellence, confidence, eloquence, articulate, patience, and compassionate. Time and again as I attended classes either organized or taught by Michael he demonstrated these attributes as a part of his commitment to delivering relevant job-enhancing material in a retainable and enjoyable manner.”

James, Denver

Michael is one of the most detail-oriented trainers I’ve ever worked with. He communicates to people in layman terminology or he can get very technical. His enthusiasm is contagious! Michael’s presentation skills are top notch! He remains professional no matter what amount of stress/deadlines he is under. I would strongly recommend Michael to educate people at all levels.”

Traci, Colorado Springs

Michael really demonstrates a high degree of professionalism with individuals on all levels and he was instrumental in my development and integration into the company. His ability to work in a fast paced, highly intellectual environment with an immaculate attention to detail is certainly irreplaceable. ”

Milton, Denver


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