Executive presentations are a regular occurrence in business.  Effectively delivering them with authenticity, clarity, and credibility will inspire your audience to action.  In this 1-day experiential workshop, you will gain a better understanding of executive audiences, explore executive presence techniques and practice an efficient executive summary framework that will help strengthen the content and delivery of your messages.


Topic Areas:

  • Understanding executive audiences

  • Crafting executive messages using TOPPRA™ framework

  • Using effective slide design techniques

  • Exploring executive presence techniques

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the needs of executive audiences to assure your messages resonate

  • Learn and practice the TOPPRA™ framework to help design and present at the executive level

  • Understand how to design compelling slides that engage rather than distract

  • Increase executive presence skills in order to build credibility

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“If the first two minutes are good, I might give you five more.”

Executive with a Fortune 500 company


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